Legal profession requires high standard of living submission to reason,regards for elders and women,concern for other rational thinking and relational conduct are but a few accepted norms of peaceful co-existence.You are to shun violence and to observe law of the land.Please acknowledge the norms stated herein after.The authority will take serious notice of harmsful and unwanted behaviour of the students.
    1.Use of intoxicant and tobacco is strictly prohibited.
    2.Any sort of ragging or harassment of juniors by their seniors will be an act of indiscipline.
    3.The students are required to attend all the functions organised by the college . The absentee shall be penalised with a fine upto Rs.100 for eachviolation.
    4.Each professionals has its uniform-identity.You have opted for legal profession,therefore, the college requires that the students must have observe uniform code stricitly.Dress on all days of week(option on wednesday or saturday)& functions.
    1.For Boys: White shirt & Grey/Black pent Black Necktie, Black Shoes.
    2.For Girls: Grey Kameez & White Salwar with white Dupatta.
    5.Sikh students must wear turban on all occasions. 6.Black coat for students of final years when they attend proceedings of Moot- Court and other practical training.